Top Four Things to Do At Laguna Beach

Top Four Things to Do At Laguna Beach

Are you planning for a Laguna Beach Vacation? If so, then you should be also wondering about those few things you should not miss while at Laguna Beach.

Central Beaches

It is situated near the downtown village. The Main Beach is known for its basketball and volleyball courts, restrooms and a playground. If you love swimming, then this is the best beach in Laguna for you. The Picnic Beach is a bit rocky for surfing; instead, you can try out tide pooling. 

The bluff-top and grassy Heisler Park is located above the Picnic Beach and its main attractions include the beautiful deep-blue sea and craggy coves. You should not forget to carry your camera to capture the beauty of the bougainvillea and palm trees. Just below the Divers Cove, there is a protected and deep inlet that is immensely popular with the divers and the snorkelers. There is a picturesque walkway connecting the Main Beach with the Heisler Park.

Southern Park

The Victoria Beach is a secluded beach that is located a mile south of the downtown. The beach is known for its Volleyball courts. It is also known for a structure similar to a Rapunzel-like tower known as the La Tour. If you love scuba diving or Skimboarding, then this is the place for you. 

You can also find limited parking space near Victoria Drive. Aliso Beach Country Park is an extremely popular park with the surfers skimboarders and boogie boarders further south. It is a favorite destination for the families with a play area, fire pits, and picnic tables. You can drive further south and park your vehicle absolutely free of cost. Thousand Steps Beach is guarded by locals and is located about one mile away from Aliso Beach.  

Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Here is a nonprofit organization that has been dedicated to rehabilitation and rescue of ill marine-based mammals. There are many holding pens and outside pools but it is a rescue center; it is not a SeaWorld. Yet it is an extremely heat-warming and educational site. You can take admission by donating. When you purchase any token in a gift shop situated there, it really helps.

Laguna Art Museum

It is a comfortably breezy museum that hosts several exhibitions that feature the work of modern artists of California with a permanent and rich collection on Californian landscapes and vintage photographs. Guided tours can be availed free of cost thrice a week. You can also enjoy exploring a unique shop that specializes in gift items. For some of the exhibitions, there may be extension of working hours.