Three Million Vacation Guests Over Thousands of Years Can’t Be Wrong

Three Million Vacation Guests Over Thousands of Years Can’t Be Wrong

Recently I was looking at vacation sites to figure out where the best vacation destinations were located. The first thing I noticed was that Southern California was ranked very high for resorts, hotels and theme park attractions. When I looked deeper to see the reviews of each of these vacation hot spots, I saw how highly ranked Laguna Beach was.

In fact, just the idea of finding Laguna Beach Villas for Rent seemed to excite a great deal of people on sites like Travelocity and Expedia. People are so enamored with this area that over three million people a year travel to this dynamic vacation destination each year. What’s even more fascinating is the fact that people have been coming to this place since 17,000 BC.

That’s right. Even prehistoric cave people knew a good vacation spot when they saw one. Laguna Beach is even the site of a prehistoric civilization and one unique scientific discovery, the fossilized skull of what is now called “Laguna Woman.” One can only wonder what bathing suits looked like back then.

Just imagine enjoying the same sparkling sunshine and sandy beaches that your ancient ancestors did thousands of years ago. One could make the argument that Laguna Beach was one of the happiest places on earth long before there was Disneyland. I’m sure there was a lot less traffic then too.

Things changed a bit after the American Civil War when settlers arrived to take advantage of the perfect weather, gorgeous scenery and natural splendor that is Laguna Beach, California. I am sure they fell in love with the city just as you will when you book a fabulous vacation here. Modern times may have changed this great location but it did not take away its charm.

One descendant of an author who lived here many years ago, Nathaniel Hawthorne, described Laguna "as a child of that deathless search, particularly by persons who devote their lives to painting or writing, or for some place where beauty and cheapness and a trifle of remoteness hobnob together in a delightful companionship."

We still have those benefits today. Tucked away among some of the most sought after real estate in the country, Our Laguna Beach Villas for Rent are beyond any relaxing locale you can imagine, and our competent and friendly staff only adds to that “delightful companionship” She speaks of.

Don’t come alone, and plan to stay for at least a few days because once you feel the cool breeze on your skin, taste the crisp salt air, and sample our luxurious lifestyle, a weekend won’t be enough. Like those that came before you, a simple vacation may turn into a yearly ritual. Come, stay, relax, and enjoy. History has never been so much fun.