Sunset Sounds of Laguna Beach

Sunset Sounds of Laguna Beach

Come and enjoy some of the sounds of Laguna Beach at sunset with our September Sunset Serenades—The Arts Commission will be presenting four free concerts in September at the amphitheater in Heisler Park. The concerts will be held every Friday evening in September starting at 5:30 p.m. For the first concert Freebo (link) will be playing on September 6th. Freebo is an award-winning singer/songwriter from Bonnie Raitt’s band. His yearning for more creative expression and deep inner discovery has led to his success as a singer/songwriter. His live shows, performed on acoustic guitar, creates a unique, intimate, and inclusive atmosphere with his audience. Other artist playing this month are Fiona Gray (Whimsical singer/songwriter) on September 13th, Michael Becker (Guitarist) on September 20th, and Mr. Squeeze and the Medicine Men (Blues) on September 27th. These live free concerts are funded by the City of Laguna Beach as well as some of the lovely Laguna Beach vacation rentals / lodgings we have around our small beachside village.

Also This Week:

50th Anniversary at Quorum Gallery

Quorum Gallery is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in Laguna Beach! They will kick off the first of the celebrations at September’s First Thursday Art Walk on September 5th and will continue the festivities on September 7th and 8th. For more information, visit

Studio 7 Gallery North & South

Featuring plain air works by award-winning Laguna artists in residence. Artists perform oil painting demos on art walk evenings as well as every afternoon at the galleries. Visit for more informaiton.

JoAnne Artman Gallery

The “Jane & Jana” Show featuring Boston based Mixed Media Artist Jane Maxwell and emerging Fine Art Photographer Jana Cruder! Both reflect a current examination of pop culture’s take on femininity, grounded within the 50’s and 60’s. Jane’s work is perfection, constructed with architectural, fashion and “old school” elements emphasized through color and form. Jana’s photographic storytelling showcases her unique voice and personal interpretations of female iconography…who doesn’t love Barbie! For details visit

DeRu’s Fine Art

This month only will be showcasing Scenes of Laguna as painted by the Early California Impressionists by Edgar Payne, Frank Cuprien, Clarence Hinkle, among others. Also featuring contemporary landscape artists David Chapple & Gerald Rahm. Since its founding in 1969, DeRu’s Fine Arts has been a leader in the field of Early California Impressionism and American Impressionist art. Their galleries showcase the finest examples of the genre, featuring many of the most famous artists in the 19th and early 20th century. DeRu’s is also a recognized leader in authentication, and has long been the official representative for the estate of Edgar Payne. For more information visit

Peter Blake Gallery

Celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary Exhibition a Reception will be held September 5th from 6-9 pm during the First Thursday Art Walk Since 1993, the Peter Blake Gallery has been a definitive source for modern and contemporary art in Orange County. The gallery’s program is focused on monochrome, concrete, modernist, post, color-based, radical, minimalist and abstract painting. Details at

Coastal Eddy, A Gallery

Eddy will be showing a new sculpture series called “Sailors and Sirens” by Leslie Buzan. The exhibit will open September 7th at 5:00 pm. Visit Eddy on Facebook at

Salt Fine Art

This gallery specializes in museum caliber Latin American Contemporary art and will be having a new painters opening reception: Thursday, September 5, 2013 from 6–9 pm. Revolutionizing the grand tradition of painting, Andriy Halashyn, Alejandro Campins, Joaquin Rodriguez Del Paso and the Ws are making forward leaps in style, content and technique. Following in the grand tradition of the salt trade, saltfineart believes that art, like salt, enhances and therefore deserves to cross borders—country borders, state borders, any and all kinds of lines. Visit for details.

Nature Doesn’t Knock at The George Gallery

In “Nature Doesn’t Knock,” the George gallery features multi-media work of seven radically different artists on the subject of nature. Since the dawn of time, human beings have wrestled with nature—the nature inside and outside of us—without any real reconciliation. We have moments similar to the line lifted from Emily Dickinson’s poem; blissful glimpses of the loss of self in what we see past our window, or in our own hearts, are rare, fleeting, and often painfully exquisite. Showing September 1st through October 31st. For more information visit