Spring Exhibitions Open Feb 24th at The Laguna Art Museum

Spring Exhibitions Open Feb 24th at The Laguna Art Museum

The Laguna Art Museum, named Best Art Museum – 2012 by OC Weekly, was founded in 1929 with a mission to preserve and exhibit the artistic works of California, and only California. On February 24th, a selection of pieces from the museum’s large permanent collection will be placed on display in the main floor galleries, showcasing a multitude of periods and styles from the nineteenth century to the present day. Highlights will include the earliest known oil painting created in California—San Gabriel Mission by Ferdinand Deppe—painted in 1832, a recently restored painting by Donna Schuster entitled O’er Waiting Harp Strings, and a variety of paintings by members of the early artists’ colony which thrived in Laguna Beach. Preview a small sampling of the collection in the following slide show:

The Spring Exhibition

Joining the museum’s permanent collection for the 2013 Spring season exhibition opening this month are works by photographer George Hurrell, contemporary artist Allison Schulnik, and the abstract expressionist John Mason.

George Hurrell
The Master of Hollywood Glamor Photography, Geroge Hurrell acquired an appreciation for the photographic arts as a painter—capturing landscapes for later reference in the studio—and was later discovered by the head of production at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Allison Schulnik
Assorted works by the exceptionally talented painter and claymation artist Allison Schulnik portray a sense of death and the macabre, while hinting at compassion and hopefulness in the surreal forms of her seemingly sculptured paintings.

John Mason
A masterpiece of abstract expressionism, Blue Wall is on loan from artist John Mason for only its fifth showing in over fifty four years. More than a hundred individual pieces were sculpted, cut, and then fired to form the work, laid out in a single night so it would dry evenly. The resulting composition has been recognized as a landmark to the history of ceramic art, and pursues a direction previously unexplored in the medium of clay.

The Spring exhibitions will be unveiled on the upper level of the museum February 23rd to museum members only, and to the general public on the following day. For more information, or to view upcoming events and exhibitions, visit the Laguna Art Museum online at lagunaartmuseum.org.