Ritual Yoga

Ritual Yoga

Laguna Beach is known for many different forms of art work, from oil paints to sculpture to music and theater. So why not include it in your yoga routine? Well they did, Ritual Yoga has perfected the combination of art and yoga. In their words “Ritual yoga is the fusion of yoga and fine art, a space where we may challenge and nurture our bodies and find the very edge of our physical limitations and move beyond them. Where fine art that stirs the soul is available for purchase, or simply to admire and inspire.” They practice the fine fixable flow of Therapeutic Vinyasa to heal the body. This yoga infusion will help you to build strength and endurance, but at the same time inspire you mentally and emotionally to go beyond your normal boundaries.

From the artist Diana Markessinis “My work intends to motivate and inspire awareness of the human connection between natural resources, materials, their origins, and their relationship to environmental health & spiritual well being.” In order to fully relax just opening your mind for a few hours is not good enough—you need to get away from your day to day tasks. Take a vacation and stay with us at our tranquil Laguna Beach vacation rentals for a few days see what other relaxing activities our town has to offer. For more information call 949-715-7005 or visit ritualyogaarts.com.

Also this week:

Faux Real Group Exhibition

Art that is playful, intriguing, and a highly entertaining recreation of reality with a twist; using off-beat materials and a keen sense of humor. The featuring artists re-imagine reality with their work. They begin with familiar subjects: food, furniture, and knick-knacks that occupy the spaces of many homes, and recreate them with unconventional and often surprising materials. The pieces highlight mundane everyday objects often passed over without a second thought, bringing into focus the exercise of seeing, the processes of construction, and the broad utility of materials. While often humorous in their execution, the included artwork offers social and political critique of American culture and the mass culture of consumerism.

On display from June 2nd to September 29th at the Laguna Art Museum, 307 Cliff Drive. For more information please call 949-494-8971 or visit lagunaartmuseum.org. If you like the art and want to learn more about it come to the Lecture with Faux Real Artist Cheryl Ekstrom on June 27th at 7:00 pm.

Laguna Beach Film Society Summer Comedy Series

This Summer the Laguna Beach Film Society presents a series of three films with a humorous focus on the people and places of California. The series kicks off with Harold and Maude, a film about a young, rich, and obsessed with death Harold who finds himself changed forever when he meets the lively septuagenarian Maude at a funeral. It was released in 1971, directed by Hal Ashby, written by Colin Higgins and stars Ruth Gordon and Bud Cort. The pre-screening reception and registration will include wine and hors d’oeuvres at the Laguna Art Museum, 307 Cliff Drive at 6:00 pm followed by the screening at the South Coast Cinema, 162 South Coast Highway at 7:00 pm on June 20th. For more information please call 949-494-8971 x203 or visit the web site at lagunaartmuseum.org/lbfs/.

Other showings in this series include The Big Lebowski on July 18th at 7:00 pm, and Sideways on August 15th at 7:00 pm.