Laugh Your Way to Good Health with the Laguna Laughter Club

Laugh Your Way to Good Health with the Laguna Laughter Club

Laguna Beach, California is the poster child for healthy living with its many fitness centers, pilates instructors and myriad other alternative workout options that will have both your mind and body feeling better than before. But have you ever considered laughing your body to good health? Laughter Yoga with its legions of followers across the country is a popular new branch of yoga, and Laguna Beach has its very own club that you might want to visit.

Laughter for health

Laughter is scientifically proven to be good for you, a premise that forms the basis of this branch of yoga. When you set this against the backdrop of the gorgeous waters off Laguna Beach, you have a match made in heaven.

The group has put together a ‘workout’ based on ideas proposed by laughter yoga guru Dr. Madan Kataria. Expect to learn some basic yogic breathing and indulge in plenty of unbridled laughter that will take you back to your childhood. The method is designed to help you destress - often the point of a Laguna Beach vacation in the first place!

Leaving your inhibitions at the door, or should we say - the kerbside - is your first step to a much healthier lifestyle. Even if you’re a skeptic, a little laughter never hurt anyone. At the very least you can have a good laugh about it later.

The Laguna Laughter Club

The Laguna Laughter Club meets at the beach every day. Just head to the northern stretch of beach near Heisler Park Gazebo (on the shoreline below) and join in. Everyone’s welcome! The club is a great place to strike up new friendships for locals, and a way to mingle with Laguna Beach residents for the vacationer. Turn up at 8am for an hour of good fun. On Saturdays, you can sleep in because the group gathers at a leisurely 10am. Even the rains can’t play spoilsport with this group that moves their sessions to a gazebo by the Las Brisas restaurant in case of a downpour.

Make happy memories for a lifetime

You might find yourself surprisingly relaxed and feeling lighter and eased of your worldly worries after a Laguna Beach vacation. Throw some Laughter Yoga into the mix and you should feel the happiness pulsing through you long after the sound of the waves have faded in your memory. And each time you remember your tryst with the Laguna Laughter Club, you may let out an unintended chuckle or two.