Kids Art Studio at Laguna

Kids Art Studio at Laguna

A holiday at Laguna Beach can be a great time to indulge in your passions - whether it's watersports, catching up on your reading or just soaking up the sun. And a Laguna Beach vacation promises plenty for the kids too.  If your children are artistically inclined or are tiring of the sun, The Kids Art Studio at the Laguna Art Museum is the perfect place for little Picassos.

The Laguna Art Museum

This Laguna landmark showcases work by Californian artists as well as pieces by other artists that celebrate life in the region. The carefully curated collection is both art and history, with some works dating back to the nineteenth century. Introduce the kids to a range of styles and artists on a trip to this museum. The Laguna Art Museum holds numerous educational events through the month to encourage art; explore current month listings at the museum website.

The Kids Art Studio

Held every month on the third Sunday, this is a hands-on program designed to capture the imagination of the budding artist. Your kids will get to create their very own work of art in the very special setting of the Laguna Art Museum. Families are encouraged to join in, with the kids often taking the lead. These art projects are inspired by something you have seen at the museum - either part of the permanent exhibition or something currently displayed. This makes the viewing of the exhibits a much more personal experience for your child and will stimulate them to explore art, styles and forms that they enjoy. 

The best part for travelers is that you don’t need to book ahead. Simply drop in on the day and participate. Events are supervised by the Laguna Art Museum Arts Council members, so you can interact and learn more as you paint. The session runs from 2 to 4 p.m. And did we mention, it is free?

Take home some memorabilia

What’s a trip to the museum without a lovely souvenir. Some of the best kept secrets of Laguna Beach are to be found in the store at the Laguna Art Museum. Pick up a print or poster of work by artists’ currently on display, or get some special art themed bags made just for the museum. Get them a book on art - there are some fabulous options that they will treasure for a lifetime. It will make for a most unusual souvenir of a Laguna Beach vacation.