Intern Breanne Visits Health in Balance

Intern Breanne Visits Health in Balance

As part of my stay at The Retreat In Laguna, I took advantage of their custom health packages and visited Health in Balance for a detoxifying and rejuvenating R.A.D. Circuit treatment.

Health in Balance is the leading “innovator in natural healthcare and wellness in Orange County”. They provide thorough diagnostics and comprehensive care with measurable results so you can “live longer, look younger and feel great”. They offer multiple services including chiropractic, physiotherapy, stress management and rejuvenation & detoxification.

The R.A.D. Circuit is an “innovative and comprehensive therapy” utilizing anti-oxidant water, whole body vibration, detox foot bath, an infrared sauna, and dry hydrotherapy to detoxify and rejuvenate the body at a cellular level. It is one of their newest programs, and a growing favorite among their clients.

There are 6 stations and each has a specific purpose and order in which you do them. It was such an inviting atmosphere and the staff was very friendly.

My favorite of the 6 stations was the full body vibration. They have you stand on a Turbosonic machine, while various sound waves vibrate the body’s cells. It is said to “enhance circulation, metabolic rate, strength, toning, firming, immunity and vitality by changing strong rotating energy into vibrating energy to improve lymphatic drainage.”

Basically, the vibrations adjusted and you can feel the change in different parts of your body. They had a pamphlet on the wall that described, based on the strength of the vibration, which area of the body it was targeting. It was really interesting to feel the different areas of the body it was targeting; shoulders, thighs, calves etc.

After completing the circuit I left feeling … well simply awesome. I was able to speak with owner and founder, Dr. Gary Arthur for a few minutes after completing my session and the passion he has for what he’s created at Health in Balance was palpable.

After an extremely stressful past year it was nice to have that time to myself to relax, detoxify and afterwards I was left feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. I’d definitely recommend booking a sessions (or two) during your stay at The Retreat In Laguna. It’s the perfect way to begin your visit in Laguna Beach.