How to Save Money by NOT Staying on Disney Property

How to Save Money by NOT Staying on Disney Property

Have you looked at the cost of visiting Disneyland lately? Tickets are an average of $100 a day for each park for each person. When you add up the cost of transportation, food, and souvenirs, the happiest place on earth can quickly become  the most expensive. A better way to save money and fully enjoy your Southern California Vacation Package is to stay at a Laguna Beach Resort.

Disney may be beautiful, but it is nowhere near the beach. How can you spend a vacation in Southern California without experiencing the breathtaking views, memorable sunsets and quiet relaxation Laguna offers? Sure, the hustle and bustle of theme parks and tourist attractions is exciting. But, when you need to cool down, chill out, and be yourself, our ocean view villas are just what the doctor ordered.

Imagine sitting in our Laguna Beach Bed and Breakfast property, sipping coffee, enjoying the cool ocean breeze, while you plan your theme park action. Since you are only a few minutes drive from Disney, Knott’s Berry Farm, and the Movieland Wax Museum, you can take your time and and leisurely arrive there, instead of a frantic rush.

Add to that the resources provided by concierge services and the discounts offered on local food and entertainment, why would you give up your hard earned cash to a six foot mouse? If you are like me, you hate crowds, standing in line, and traffic. That’s not a vacation.

A vacation is where you make the rules. Play hard, or relax hard, either way you need the space and opportunity to do so. We offer that and more at our award winning resort. You don’t have to search Google to know that California is a wonderful and unique place to experience an incredible vacation. Why limit yourself to only exploring crowded, overpriced tourist traps?

If you haven’t taken the time to discover all the wonders Laguna Beach has to offer, let me lay it out for you. A simple call to one of our reservation specialist and you will know that you have made the right choice. And even more important, you will join the ranks of a select few who recognize that staying in our Laguna Beach Resort entitles you to be privy to one of Southern California's best kept vacation secrets.

Let the others fight the crowds and deal with hordes of impatient, tired, tourist looking for any kind of relief from their own poorly planned vacation. You won't have that problem. Disney may argue that their resort is the happiest place on earth but you know better. Happiness comes with options, and at our resort, your options are our goals. Come see for yourself.