Get fit with Pilates at Inspiring Motion Laguna

Get fit with Pilates at Inspiring Motion Laguna

A Laguna Beach vacation can be a good time to start that fitness routine and try a few new styles you may not have before. All those beach-ready bods are all the inspiration you’ll need to hit the gym! If you’re someone who detests the drudgery of running on a treadmill endlessly, a pilates workout at the Inspiring Motion Laguna Pilates & GYROTONIC® center is just what the doctor ordered.

Fitness a step away

This fitness center is conveniently nestled in the heart of the community at the Forest Avenue Mall, so you don’t need to be too far away from the action on your Laguna Beach vacation. You can book a private Pilates or GYROTONIC® session at $90, or enjoy the company of other enthusiasts or holidaymakers in a semi private pilates session at $50.  Book online through their website, this option is especially convenient if you have a lot of other things you’re planning to do during your holiday.

Why pilates may be the way to go

On a vacation, you’ll enjoy the feeling of strength and restoration a pilates session can give you. Experienced instructors will help you find that body balance and strengthen your core. Over a few sessions, you should feel an improvement in flexibility and the range of motion your body can deliver too. Keep up the techniques you’ve learned and you should see lasting results long after your Laguna Beach vacation has ended.

For those who need rehabilitation post a surgery or restorative therapy after an injury, a personalized consultation should help find out if this is for you and how your body could benefit. The center at Laguna Beach has clients who swear by GYROTONIC®  and pilates to help them be pain free.

Open House at Inspiring Motion Laguna

At a typical open house at Inspired Motion Laguna, you get to see live demonstrations of Gyrotonic®, Gyrokinesis® as well as Pilates Instruction and have the chance to quiz instructors on any concerns you might have. And yes - there are snacks and drinks to sweeten the deal!

Call the center to check for the next open house or just head over - it is just a short distance away. These open houses are typically held on the first Thursday of the month, so if that coincides with your beach vacation you could actually test drive the methods on your system before you sign up.