Full Moon Drum Circle

Full Moon Drum Circle

Laguna Beach is a special city that has many hidden gems ranging from lighthouses and caves on the beach to great hiking and local farmers markets.  However there is one attraction that has remained a local favorite for years that is mostly word of mouth.  Every full moon at Aliso Beach in South Laguna there is a special drum circle attended by a community that embraces creativity and love.

This drum circle is a unique experience that never disappoints, featuring a large fire in the center with hundreds of drummers and hundreds more dancing around to the hypnotic rhythms.  There are fire spinners on the beach who come out, not only to entertain, but because it is something that they love to do.  This is an event that is free, very child friendly and lets any visitor get a taste of the incredible energy that Laguna has to offer.

We at The Retreat want to continue that all of our visitors are given an experience that they will never forget and to keep them plugged into all the local fun that Laguna has to offer!

Drum Circle Dates:
August 10th, September 8th, October 8th, November 6th and December 6th.

Event starts around 7:30pm and the police come somewhere between 10 and 11pm to politely close the beach and stop the drumming for the residence around the area.  Aliso has parking on both the beach side and on the land side for a low rate.