Enjoying Tide Pools in Laguna Beach

Enjoying Tide Pools in Laguna Beach

The tide pools in Laguna Beach are protected and provide a window to a new world situated below the sea surface. These pools are under legal protection as per the framework set by LBMC 18.29.0

Intertidal zone

The area located in between the mean low line of water and high tide is known as the intertidal zone. It is home to a large number of species. They create a diverse and balanced ecosystem. This world can be closely observed by humans and enjoyed too. However, the proximity of the site to urban areas and the factor of good public accessibility is not good for tide pool critters. This is precisely the reason California began Marine Life Protection Act Initiative. The broader aim is to preserve the diverse intertidal habitat of California to ensure that the sustainability of the system continues. Only then the generations after us can continue to enjoy such sights.

Describing a tide pool

The shores of the ocean are always in motion. They are a mix of both sea and land. The environment is never constant and always changes every moment. The sea and land boundary constantly changes with the rhythmic fall and rise of the tide. With the retreat of tide, the seawater entrapped in the depression of the rocks form the tide pools. These are shallow pools. The surrounding areas that are uncovered by retreating tides frequently teem with plants and animals- which adapt to such an extreme environment for survival. 

The tide pool ecosystem also offers a number of advantages. Intertidal plants like algae grow in plentiful sunlight and thus support a complete food chain. The constant action of waves supplies tide pool with oxygen and nutrients. 

What not to do

Visitors are requested not to take any kind of living or even non-living items from tide pools. It is a wise idea to be careful of where you put your foot while walking on rocks. Do remember that the ecosystem must be protected from any further damage resulting from human activity. The tide pools are extremely fragile ecosystems which will take a number of years to go back to their original state. It is to be noted that all tide pools inside city limits lie within the confines of State Marine Conservation Area. It means that no component of this region will be permitted to leave the area. These includes fish, invertebrates-both alive or dead, shells, sand or rocks.