Biking in Aliso and Wood Canyon Wilderness Park

Biking in Aliso and Wood Canyon Wilderness Park

The popular Aliso and Wood Canyon Wilderness Park is well known in the Orange County Area. Biking enthusiasts on a Laguna Beach vacation too always make time for a visit to the legendary park. 

Stunning setting for an active holiday

If you’re someone who craves a little activity and can’t imagine being so close to some of the best biking terrain in the region without getting out there, then this park is a must do. The Aliso and Wood Canyon Wilderness Park is within easy reach of Laguna Beach and easily included in your vacation itinerary. 

This wilderness stretches over 4,500 acres, in a landscape dotted with sycamores, mature oak trees, elderberry trees and a lot of brush. Streams bubble and gurgle their way through the terrain all year round and the pleasant weather means you can plan a visit here no matter what time of year you head out for a Laguna Beach vacation.

The park is also a designated wildlife sanctuary and there are opportunities to sight several endangered as well as rare animals and plants. Should you choose to hike for a bit, there are 30 miles of marked official trails. The routes are also easily available in the park’s official trail map.

Riding difficulty and terrain

The Aliso and Wood Canyon Wilderness Park offers some challenging and easy rides for intermediate level riders. The area is a stunning mix of grasslands, riparian woodlands and hillsides dotted with a variety of brush and bushes. 

Come armed with your mountain biking gear - you will need your helmet, gloves and other safety equipment. At some places, the elevation gain can be as much as 1600 ft, so be prepared. You will however, be rewarded with breathtaking canyon views.

If you check when you arrive, you might even find a mountain biking event being organized at the park during your Laguna Beach vacation.  It will give you the benefit of a support crew and guides with sound knowledge of the routes and insider information on the best vantage points. Beginners would do well to sign up for one of these organized trips which follow relatively easier routes with milder elevation gains and the security of a knowledgeable crew.

The park is open from 7am all the way till sunset but it is advisable to plan to leave a little earlier if you’re still finding your bearings on a Laguna Beach vacation. Remember to pack snacks and water, there are no kiosks inside the park but plenty of great places to stop and take a break. And you wouldn't want to miss out on the nightlife near the beaches either!