Best Food Spots in Laguna Beach

Best Food Spots in Laguna Beach

When it comes to restaurants, Laguna Beach can get quite competitive. Anybody who makes it in the food business here must truly be a warrior. Even the most high-end eateries tend to shut down in a matter of months at the OC. The locals and also, the tourists who come down for a Laguna Beach vacation, can be pretty picky about what they eat.

It is also the same reason why food here is fantastic. Any restaurant that survives the picky customers has to have something good on its menu. So, if you happen to be on a Laguna Beach vacation, these are the restaurants you need to check out.


Managed by celebrated Chef and Owner, Marc Cohen, the Watermarc has rightfully earned a place among the crème de la crème of Laguna Beach’s most discerning customers. The restaurant’s highlight is the house-made seafood sausage, which is basically a sausage filled with fish mousse and crab meat and served with some stewed white beans. It makes for a fantastic appetizer.

Three Seventy Common

If you like gorging on American comfort food in a rustic ambiance, then Three Seventy Common is the restaurant for you. The restaurant’s menu has a wide array of typical American food that everybody loves. It includes juicy steaks, mac and cheese, scallops, and all kinds of quick snacks. Of course, they taste a 100 times better than they normally do in other eateries.

The ideal time to check the restaurant out is on a Sunday, because that’s when you get to experience the multi-course dinner. One reason why you shouldn’t miss out on this dinner, apart from the fact that it’s simply delicious, is that it’s also quite affordable. The theme for the dinner is “Sunday Social” as termed by chef and owner, Ryan Adams. The idea is to recreate the ambiance of typical Sunday meals at home.

Studio at the Montage

If you want to feel like a million dollars, then this is the place you should be eating at. The Studio at the Montage isn’t just known for its exquisite food. It’s also known for its impeccable service; the kind of service enjoyed by British aristocrats during their heydays. To begin with, the waiting staff will only address you with a Mr./Miss or Mrs. To top that, the staff members even synchronize the way they serve food. Each order has its own attendant, who will place the dish in front of the guest who ordered it. Attention to details is a priority at the restaurant.