Best Date Venues in Laguna Beach

Best Date Venues in Laguna Beach

Are you planning to take your date for a night date in Laguna Beach? Or you may be planning for a Laguna Beach Vacation in the near future. There are innumerable activities that the place offers for you and your date, so that you can cherish a delightful evening with your girlfriend for a long time to come.

Take your girlfriend out for shopping

If your girlfriend loves shopping, then this is the ideal way to spend a fun-filled evening with her. You can take her out for a drive and head towards Newport Beach. Fashion Island is located in Newport Beach and is a favorite among the shopping freaks. 

You will find several famous brands in this shopping center such as Neman Marcus and Anthropologie. After you are done with your shopping expeditions, you can wind up your evening in one of the excellent restaurants such as Great Maple, R+D Kitchen and The Cheesecake Factory. If you want to try out some other options, you can visit the Native Foods Café or Lemonade. 

The Sandpiper for some excellent live music 

The place is at times known as the “dirty bird”. You know why it is called so once you are in that place. This is a casual place in Laguna Beach that is simply ideal for your Laguna Beach Vacation or if you want to enjoy an eventful date with your date. The place is known for its live music with some real exciting crowd that is a mix of tourists and people from other towns. You need not take a lot of effort to dress up, as the dress code for the place is extremely casual.

Ocean Avenue Restaurant

If you and your date are looking for an excellent place to enjoy some quality beer in Laguna Beach, then Ocean Avenue Restaurant is just the place for you. If you and your date can visit the place on a Tuesday, there is nothing like it. That’s because the place runs an Eighty’s night on every Tuesday evening. 

No wonder that there is no dearth of crowd on Tuesday nights at Ocean Avenue Restaurant. And the good news is that it is a pocket-friendly destination for taking your date out. You need to pay only 5 dollars for an entry to the place. Even the drinks are quite reasonable. Make sure that you and your date are dressed up in some sort of dancing attires. Though Tuesdays are 80’s nights, you will hardly find anyone dressed up in 80’s outfits.