Beach Fun

Beach Fun

If you are looking for a beach that will give you a lot to do come stay at one of our manyLaguna Beach vacation rentals and enjoy one or all of our eight beaches. Our famed beaches which are carved into steep cliffs and dramatic promontories are perhaps the greatest treasures of our little town. The entire coastline of Laguna Beach has been declared a “Marine Life Refuge” to protect and preserve the rich variety of marine life forms for all to observe and enjoy. Because of the abundant 25,000 acres of green space around Laguna, we also enjoy some of the cleanest water on the coast—great for several water activities.

At Victoria Beach skimboarding is something you will see on a regular basis. Skimboarding began in Laguna Beach during the early 1920s when Laguna Beach lifeguards used to skimboard on flat pieces of wood. Since then, the sport has only gotten bigger and bolder. Equipment rentals are available from several surf retailers around town.

Snorkeling and scuba diving is very popular in Laguna Beach. There are several great beaches for snorkeling or scuba diving, including Shaw’s Cove, Diver’s Cove and Treasure Island. Bring your own gear or rent a snorkel, mask, fins and etc. from a local surf shop.

If you are and experienced diver or snorkeler check out the Shipwreck! Two hundred yards offshore lies a shipwreck, the Foss 125 better known as the “Cleo Street Barge.” This ship met its rocky resting place in 1958, and is now home to an abundance of underwater sea life.

Now if you are in for a walk try your legs out on our Thousand Steps Beach. Located between 9th and 10th streets on South Coast Highway, Thousand Steps Beach is an intimate cove featuring views of some of the area’s most magnificent private homes. It’s one of Laguna’s hot surf spots and is also known for sand volleyball. (Only 227 steps, it just ‘feels’ like a thousand steps!)

While you’re out seeing the sites don’t miss Seal Rock. Located about 120 yards off the shore of Crescent Bay sits Seal Rock, named after the seals and sea lions that often congregate there. Check out the barking seals from the shore or kayak out for a closer look.

If you’re looking for an all day or even all week adventure. Immerse yourself in its three miles of coastline, wooded canyons, open bluffs, and offshore waters designed as an underwater park at Crystal Cove State Park. Swim surf, scuba, fish, mountain bike, or hike – this park truly has something for everyone. Explore on your own, or take part in a public tour of the Historic District. For more information visit

But the most popular beach in this small town is, Main Beach, Laguna’s “Window to the Sea,” this beachfront park is located in the heart of downtown Laguna Beach. So when you get tired of having sand in your shoes and people watching in the water. Walk in land a little and enjoy the downtown shops, art galleries and fine dine restaurants.