Art, Music, Surfing or Disney? You Get to Pick!

Art, Music, Surfing or Disney? You Get to Pick!

Recently a client asked, “What can I do in Laguna Beach?”  My response was, “Everything or nothing, the choice is yours.” He didn’t quite understand the answer so I thought I would enlighten him and you as to the plethora of things to do when you stay at a Laguna Beach Hotel.

The first thing you notice when you arrive is that the place is beautiful. Shorts in the day and a light jacket at night are about all you will need during summer season when we have our highest number of visitors. Make sure you book way in advance because rooms go fast during this time.

Once you are settled into one of our fully furnished, immaculately cared for villa’s you begin deciding how you would like to spend your precious vacation or getaway days. I suggest starting with the local art scene. Besides the Laguna Art Museum, there are several festivals that feature local artists of all kinds. Find a special piece of art to give as a gift. T-shirts just don’t cut it anymore.

If art is not your thing, you can sample some of the local music venues and festivals. Within minutes you can be at the House of Blues or a local club or restaurant that offers live music, and incredible bands. If you want to get even deeper, you can take a ride inland and visit some of the Los Angeles and Orange County concert venues and really enjoy your musical experience.

For those who just want to get back to nature, we have some of the best surfing around. In fact, from your Laguna Beach Hotel, you can travel just a few blocks to where the Brooks Street Surfing Classic, the oldest continuing surf contest in the world is held. I don’t suggest entering against the professionals that play here, but if you are feeling adventurous, go for it!

The answer to what to do in Laguna Beach is easy. Do whatever you do to feel relaxed and happy. Sometimes that is just lounging around in our exclusive V.I.P. villas, getting a massage, room service and maybe even a nightcap. Whatever you need you can find it here in Laguna at one of our world renowned Laguna Beach Hotels.

Leave your stress back at home because your spirit is in for a renewal from the moment you enter our lobby. We are waiting for you now.

See you soon!