The Angels of Venice

The Angels of Venice

The sounds of the holiday season are one of the first things people notice. More cars, more people, more pets and let us not forget the holiday music played in every store!

In our small town where the whispering San Joaquin Hills and canyons meet the crashing of the Pacific Ocean on our secluded beaches, you will hear the sounds of a peaceful holiday season. Carolers on corners singing holiday songs, children laughing and playing tage while adult hold hands and stroll along the shore. So take a break from the more’s of the Big City holiday season and come stay a few nights in one of our Laguna Beach vacation rentals and enjoy the peace of no more’s.

While you are here check out the sounds of Angels of Venice, who will be performing Thursday, December 12, at 7:00 pm, at the Laguna Art Museum. The group’s core sound is harp, cello, bouzouki and flute and combines Medieval, early Renaissance and original Alternative World and Neoclassical styles. With female vocals, the songs are sung in English, Galacian-Portuguese, Latin and archaic French languages.

As of 2013, Angels of Venice’s newest venture, “Musique Neo-Antique,” combines ancient music with modern arrangements of songs from the 13th century and early Renaissance, traditional songs and hymns as well as original neoclassical compositions, taking the listener on a sonically rich journey through various time periods and countries around the world. Carol (the ounded by harpist Carol Tatum in 1993) is currently collaborating with vocalist David Swan Montgomery, vocalist for the tribute band Led Zepagain, to form the brand new band “The MurMurators.” This early 2013 recording will feature traditional Irish songs with contemporary arrangements. Instrumentation includes David on vocals/guitar and Carol playing harp and composing stand up bass parts, all recorded in a manner reflecting their live, unplugged performances.

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