4 Tips to Prepare Your Home Before Going on Vacation

4 Tips to Prepare Your Home Before Going on Vacation

Because you have more to do than book reservations at your favorite Laguna Beach vacation rental and pack

Who wants to be worried about daily chores, things left undone at work and forgotten bills while attempting to absorb the sunshine from the patio of your Laguna Beach vacation rental?  If you’re about to leave town on vacation or a short getaway, here are a few tips to give you peace of mind and keep your nest safe while your away…

Prepare Your Home for Vacation in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Make Arrangements in Advance

    As you make plans and book reservations begin planning the tasks you will need to care for your home while you’re away.

    * Pick a friend or neighbor to be your emergency contact.  Make sure they have your flight, hotel and itinerary information in case they need to contact your while you’re out of town.

    * Set up online payments for bills.  Nobody wants to come home to no lights or internet.  See if your bank offers online bill pay or prepay your bills to avoid unnecessary late fees or shut-offs.

    * Check smoke detectors now in case batteries need to be purchased

    * Pick up a pack of ‘light timers’ to turn on select indoor lights in the evening

    * Finally, make arrangements for plants, animals, mail, trash and indoor lights.  Burglars often look for homes which have mail overflowing in boxes, trash cans on the street and no lights on during evening hours.  Deter theft by asking a friend or neighbor to feed your pets, water your plants (bring them to one location for easy access), bring in your mail, take trash cans to/from the curb and ensure everything is safe and sound.  Leave clearly written directions, keys, alarm codes and contact information for this person.

  2. Getting Ready to Pack and Go

    Tie up loose ends and begin preparing the home several days before you plan to leave.

    * Wrap up any work which may have deadlines while you are out.  Set away messages and give contact information to pertinent co-workers.

    * Eat and use any perishables in the fridge and pantry so they don’t spoil while you’re gone.  Who wants to return to a stench lingering in your home?

    * Clean, dust, vacuum and wipe down your home!  I can’t stress the value of this tip more.  Before you leave for a short trip, ensure floors and counters are clear.  If you are leaving for a long period, be sure to empty and clean the fridge before leaving it unplugged and open to defrost.

    * Set light timers a few days before you leave if possible.

  3. Save Energy & Protect Belongings the Day You Leave

    Cut down on your energy usage, prevent fire hazards or water damage, and protect your valuables.

    * Turn down (of off) the thermostat and water heaters to 55 f.  There is no point in heating or cooling a home with nobody in it.

    * If you can, shut off gas and water at the meter, supply tank or appliances.  Prevent leaks and floods from damaging the home while you’re away.

    * Unplug any electronics and garage door openers.  This will cut down on any possible shortages which can cause disastrous fires and prevent thieves from opening the garage door easily.

    * Finally, wash all of your bedding BEFORE you leave and place in linen closets.  This will prevent dust from collecting on the sheets, then replace with clean bedding when you return.

  4. On Your Way Out the Door

    Check ALL the things

    * Do a final check of windows, blinds, fences, doors, and plugs before leaving the home to ensure all entries are secure and safe from hazardous obstructions.

    * Take a last walk through of the entire house before leaving.  Note the state of your valuable and furniture in case anything seems out of place when you come home.

    *  Finally, set the alarm system as you walk out the door.

Mitigate worries about the safety and state of your home while you’re away by following this simple to follow checklist.  Then kick back, relax and unwind on the best getaway of your life!